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Tel: + 49 7221 9000

Tel: + 49 7221 9000

Health is our most precious asset

Medical Care

Good health is generally recognised as our most precious possession. If we look after it properly, it will guarantee us a good quality of life!

The Medical Care at 5-star superior Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden, close to the Black Forest, offers a wide range of preventative healthcare programmes: A team of professionals using the latest and best examination and diagnostic techniques is at your disposal to determine your health requirements and to advise on such matters as preventative care, therapy and a healthy diet.

Your health is important to us!

Prevent Check Up

The PREVENT healt check-up: modern medical diagnostics, maximum attention, maximum comfort.

Naturopathic Diagnostics & Therapy

Diagnoses and Therapy Center with a holistic concept of treatment or preventative care individually attuned to personal circumstances. 

Nutritional Coaching

The goal of personal nutritional coaching is to combine an individual's right to enjoy food with an understanding of healthy eating.

Brenners Physio Spa

Our expert team of physiotherapists, osteopaths and medicalmassage therapists creates a tailor made physiological training. 

Specialist Ophthalmologist

For us the health of your eyes comes first. Non-operative, diagnostic and operative services and therapies. 

Aesthetic Dentistry

A uniform treatment concept administered by a team of experienced specialist dentists and dental technicians guarantee treatments of the highest quality. 

Gynecology and obstetrics

Feel the knowledge of a naturopathy specialist. We take time for an extraordinary examination and inspection of your body and most important time to listen to your medical problems. 

Aesthetic medicine

Private practice for aesthetic medicine: Major effects will be achieved through minimal intervention.