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Softly falls the snow…

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Do you also love this wonderful feeling? Everything around you is beautifully lit, the aroma of punch and gingerbread is wafting through the air and the first snow is falling. The surrounding landscape also appears to have been sprinkled with icing sugar and it glistens like diamonds in the winter sunshine. Winter’s arrived – in beautiful Baden-Baden too.


The days are becoming shorter and the sun has to fight its way through thick clouds simply to shine for an hour or two. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do as much as you would on a summer’s day!


Pay us a visit in Baden-Baden and come and see for yourself. On cold winter days I would recommend a visit to the Caracalla Spa. In the hot thermal waters you can unwind and relax to your heart’s content. Another thermal bath that I can recommend is the exclusive Friedrichsbad. Here, while working your way through a sequence of 17 different stations, you will enjoy changing temperatures and the precious thermal waters. It’s a real treat for mind, body and soul.


If you prefer being surrounded by nature then you mustn’t miss the opportunity of going for a winter stroll in the nearby Black Forest! This unique winter experience is one thing you won’t forget in a hurry. When the trees and bushes have a dusting of snow and the small streams have frozen over, the Black Forest paints a more romantic picture than it does in summer.


And on your return to the hotel after such a winter’s day you should sink into one of the sofas in the cosy Kaminhalle and enjoy a hot cup of tea and piece of one of our tasty cakes or tortes – followed, of course, by a couple of hours relaxing in Brenners Spa…


Now all we need is Christmas!

Best regards

Marcus Schindler

Head Concierge

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