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Autumn Beauty tips

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It only seems like yesterday that our skin was still enjoying the last rays of summer sunshine and here we are ... in the middle of autumn! But there’s no reason to bury your head in the sand. There are plenty of ways to keep your beautiful summer complexion thriving well into the cooler months of the year.

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What’s important is good skin care ... and lots of it! Make sure your skin is provided with sufficient moisture. There are a number of masks that are ideal for this such as the “Hydrating B5 Mask” from SkinCeuticals. Applied once a week, it will reset the skin’s moisture balance back to its ideal level. And this really is a blessing in disguise after your skin’s trials and tribulations with UV rays, salt and chlorinated water.

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And if the summer has left some negative traces on your skin, I’ve got a very special tip for you: the new product from SkinCeuticals: “Redness Neutralizer”. It fights redness at its source. It moisturizes, cools and soothes irritations, and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. In doing so, it totally restores your skin’s wellbeing.

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As always, caring for your skin from the inside means drinking plenty of liquids. Water, unsweetened tea and fruit juices are best suited for this, bringing your skin’s moisture levels back into balance.  

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And last but not least: a great styling trick for when your tan begins to fade is to wear colourful clothes. Because these make your skin appear browner and more radiant unlike when wearing beige or pastel tones. And finally, to keep the colour in your cheeks, make the most of every ray of sunshine ... even though it is winter!

Best regards,

Hans-Peter Veit, Spa Manager

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