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Every woman has experienced this problem, haven’t they? Your make-up needs to be perfect, particularly when it’s a special occasion, but you lack the necessary know-how and in haste things never seem to work out as intended! This, however, is now a thing of the past thanks to professionally applied make-up, tailored specifically to you, in our Styling Lounge.


Horst Kirchberger is the best known make-up artist in Germany. His name is synonymous with professionalism and creativity. His philosophy is to fully enhance a woman’s natural beauty and transform her face into one, harmonious, picture-perfect image. Horst Kirchberger’s exclusive make-up advice and his outstanding permanent make-up techniques are renowned and in high demand throughout Germany and beyond.


Horst Kirchberger has personally trained the employees of the new Brenners Spa, housed in the Villa Stéphanie, and has played a crucial role in the Spa’s development. The skilled hands of our beauty experts are therefore ones in which you can fully place your trust.


Visit our Styling Lounge and be amazed by the artistry created by Horst Kirchberger. We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon. Please make an appointment by calling +49 (0) 7221-900 500 or emailing


Yours Hans-Peter Veit

Spa Manager

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