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Iron deficiency has many faces and is widely spread

Do you feel tired and exhausted? Are you suffering from hair loss or dizziness? If you don't feel like yourself, iron deficiency could be the reason...

Grandhotel quality at the horse racecourse

The best view over the finish line, explicit culinary creations and highest comofort - the Brenners Lounge at the Iffezheim racecourse offers the best quality and most luxury.

Where did Mother's Day originate?

Regardless of whether its origin is Greek, British or American, in every country people gladly celebrate Mother's Day. We hope that every mother got pampered in a very special way!

Pink spring impressions

These pictures almost make you smell the sweet fragnance of cherries and magnolias, feel the warm sunrays and enjoy the plashing of the River Oos flowing throught the Lichtentaler Allee.

The temperatures are rising

Spoil yourself in the sun surrounded by fresh blossoms on the Brenners terrace. Not only culinary highlights await you but also a unique view over the Lichtentaler Alle.

The Lichtentaler Allee awakens

Green grass with colour splashes of all shades of violet, the calm flow of the Oos and bird whistles combining to a unique symphonie - it must be spring in Baden-Baden!

Beauty in perfect balance

Cosmetic problems do not have to be solved necessarily by a scalpel. Discover an easier way to more vitality and freshness, balanced beauty and individualized youth. 

Perfectly styled in Baden-Baden

What should definitely be in your suitcase when travelling to Baden-Baden? We show you what you can experience in and around Baden-Baden.

Purely cultural

You're standing in front of an empty suitcase and don't know what to pack? We recommend luggage for a stay full of cultural highlights...

The “green oasis” of Baden-Baden

Majestic trees, the splashing of the Oos and the fresh smell of nature - the charme of the Lichtentaler Allee casts a spell on every visitor.

An unforgettable spa experience...

You don't know hammam yet? You want to refuel with new energy and let go of every stress? Then, you should definitely try this spa ritual.

Kickboxing - physical and mental training in one

A traditional martial art which does not only make your endurance fitter but also re-establishes your mental balance.

Hear everything, see everything, mention nothing

Do you know, what the "cles d'or" are and what they stand for? Find out more about the history and the philosophy of the concierge circle.

Here, creative artworks are made

No matter what your current hairdo or make-up wish is, all styling wishes are fulfilled in our Styling Lounge.

Luxury is all about choice

Feel completely comfortable in your body! Your contentment is our goal at the Brenners nutritional coaching.

Every year, the Brenners sparkles and glitters

The smell of cinamon, cockies and fir tree lies in the air and red and gold decoration embellishes our grandhotel. 

Christmas with a difference…

How do other countries celebrate Christmas? discover Christmassy traditions and customs worldwide.

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