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Kiyindo Shiatsu® in the new Brenners spa

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Is Pierre Clavreux, the innovator of Kiyindo Shiatsu, really performing magic? He works on treating the hip and the pains in the shoulder disappear. With another patient he focuses on the ankle and the discomfort in the wrist subsides! Wouldn’t it be great to make digestive problems, backache, sleeping disorders and stress simply vanish as if by magic?



In 1989, Pierre Clavreux graduated from the Akahigendo Oriental Medicine School in Tokyo and then played a pioneering role in introducing Shiatsu to Europe. Kiyindo Shiatsu is a revolutionary technique based on pain relief through touch and the full-depth stimulation of the body’s energies which he developed more than twenty years ago. Since 2007, he has been training therapists from around the world at his Centre Européen de Kiyindo Shiatsu.


Mr Clavreux enthusiastically told us that the essence of Kiyindo Shiatsu lies in human perception with all its strengths and potential from a physiological, psychological and mental point of view. Everybody is able to capture this essence when the body’s energies are flowing. Experiencing this feeling is simply indescribable.


Have we aroused your curiosity regarding this unique treatment? Then allow Pierre Clavreux to work his magic on you with his Kiyindo Shiatsu the next time you are staying at Brenners. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Yours Hans-Peter Veit

Spa Manager

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