Physio spa

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Exercise is of vital importance in maintaining and restoring good health. The Physio Spa of 5-star superior Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden offers cardio and fitness training, walking and jogging, gymnastics and balneo-physical therapies.

Sports treatments, neuro-muscular stimulation and therapies for the veins and musculoskeletal system along with various relaxation techniques complete the programme. Physiotherapists and sports instructors, headed by Spa Manager, Hans-Peter Veit, a qualified sports instructor himself, are on hand to offer guests advice and support.

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  1. Medical Massage
    30 Minutes €70
    55 Minutes €130
  2. Medical Lymph Drainage
    30 Minutes €70
    55 Minutes €130
  3. Underwater Massage
    40 Minutes €110