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Tel: + 49 7221 9000

Let us spoil you

Beauty Treatments

Enjoy the benefits of a facial treatment tailored to your needs and look forward to a relaxed, healthy complexion. Relax and enjoy one of our luxury body treatments and make the most of this time for yourself.

Face Treatments


The treatment focuses on the specific characteristics of men’s skin. Experience the feeling of your skin being strengthened and smoothed. Redness and irritation caused by shaving will be diffused while maximum, deep moisture penetration will revitalise your skin with a lasting effect. A skin that is clearly fresher and more relaxed can at the end be seen and felt.

Rates:  180 € for 60


A highly concentrated treatment to protect the skin from damaging UV-rays and to prevent and correct light-induced skin aging.

Rates:  170 € for 60 minutes 

Body Treatments

Luxury Body treatment

A full body peeling followed by a milk & honey body pack for improving the moisture supply to the skin.

Rates:  150€ for 55 minutes

Aroma Oil Massage

Fragrant scents and individually selected, organic aroma oils are the focus of this massage. This full body treatment can have either a relaxing or invigorating effect depending upon which aesthetic oils are used and which massage techniques are applied.

Rates:  80€ for 30 minutes, 140€ for 60 minutes, 200€ for 80 minutes