Schillerstrasse 4/6 - 76530 - Baden-Baden

Tel: + 49 7221 9000

Tel: + 49 7221 9000

Personal trainers and qualified sports instructors 

Fitness & Nutrition

Exercise is of vital importance in maintaining and restoring good health. The Physio Spa of 5-star superior Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden offers cardio and fitness training, walking and jogging, gymnastics and balneo-physical therapies. 

Sports treatments, neuro-muscular stimulation and therapies for the veins and musculoskeletal system along with various relaxation techniques complete the programme. Physiotherapists and sports instructors, headed by Spa Manager, Hans-Peter Veit, a qualified sports instructor himself, are on hand to offer guests advice and support.


Our generously equipped Fitness Center with adjoining sports bar is the perfect place to release tension and take new ideas on board. Personal trainers and qualified sports instructors are always on hand to advise and monitor your individual work out programme.


On the fitness terrace you can enjoy a range of snacks and refreshments which complement your fitness programme.

our wide range of offers include

  1. Cardiovascular training using fitness equipment, lipometabolsim training using cardio training equipment
  2. Separate private training studio
  3. Advice and supervision by a personal trainer
  4. Muscle training using Miha Bodytec and Fitvibe equipment
  5. Programmes may be booked for one day, several days or on a weekly basis

NUTRITION coaching qpnt

Our nutritionists analyse your dietary needs and will help you improve your long-term wellbeing through a healthy, balanced diet.

Rates:  150€


Based on the nutrition coaching analysis, we will prepare individual meals for you consisting of breakfast, a 3-course lunch and a 3-course dinner.

Rates:  180€ per day 


25 Minutes € 70
55 Minutes € 130

Medical Lymph Drainage

25 Minutes € 70
55 Minutes € 130


40 Minutes € 110