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Tel: + 49 7221 9000

Tel: + 49 7221 9000

Spa Etiquette


Brenners Spa is a place of peace and relaxation for body and spirit.

To ensure a relaxing atmosphere, we would kindly ask all spa visitors to keep noise to a minimum. Use your time in Brenners Spa to relax completely. Please switch off your mobile phone and avoid alcohol and cigarettes before and directly after your Spa treatment. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Spa complex.


  1. Drink: if you have booked a massage or full body treatment or if you are using the saunas, please drink plenty of water or fruit juice. A balanced water intake will allow your body to benefit from the detoxifying effects of our treatments.
  2. Food: do not start your treatment if you are hungry or if you have just eaten. Avoid heavy meals at least one hour before treatment starts. We shall be pleased to serve you a selection of light Spa meals, healthy snacks and fresh juices after your Spa experience.
  3. Clothing: feel comfortable! We particularly recommend easy-care fabrics due to the oils and care products used. Bath robes, slippers and towels are available in the Spa but you are welcome to arrive wearing the bath robe provided in your room. In this case, please use our Spa lift located on the first floor.

We recommend you start your treatment without make-up. Brenners Saunarium is a nude bathing area. However, you are welcome to wear a swim suit or trunks in this area.


Don't rush… Enjoy our luxury facilities and relax a little longer. We shall be happy to serve you a glass of refreshing water or a green tea..., or you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our fitness terrace where we serve light snacks and drinks from our seasonal menu.

Caution: you should generally avoid the sun after your treatment. If you booked a body peel or oil massage, you should wait at least 12 hours before your next sun-bathing session.

To extend your spa experience: our Beauty Spa offers a wide range of products to help you enjoy hours of relaxation at home, too. Our ladies will be pleased to advise you…