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How about taking to the wheel of a classic sports car on your next outing? This small yet refined ‘gran turismo’ car which was originally planned to succeed the Porsche 911, became a top model for the brand and differed clearly from its predecessors. For example, the transmission and differential were integrated in the same assembly on the rear axle (transaxle). The vehicle’s advanced design even inspired some new models from other manufacturers such as the Zagato Zeta 6 and the Rayton Fissore Gold Shadow. 

The Porsche 928 - your adventure with a classic

180,- Euro per tour for up to 2 people

Brenners Lunch Packages and Brenners Picnic Baskets

Produced from 1977 to 1995, this model: 1990
Class: sports car
Body type: combi coupé
Round, pop-up headlamps
Highly rounded rear section
Rear-extending C-pillars and curved side windows
Colour-coded rear spoiler 

Spark-ignition engine with 4.5-litre capacity
Rear-wheel drive with water-cooled, 8-cylinder front-mounted engine
320 HP
Top speed 265 km/h (165 mph)

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