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‘Herbie’, a name inspired by film classics and a TV series, offers, particularly in the summer months, a nostalgic, open-top motoring experience through Baden-Baden’s charming surrounds. The Beetle nickname emerged in the 1950s and 1960s following the publication of an article in the New York Times.

Today, the VW Beetle is a much loved classic whose life began in Wolfsburg, Germany, and ended in Mexico in 2003 where the last model was produced.
Travel back in time and savour a very special type of car journey. How about, for instance, putting the roof down and going for a spin through the Black Forest?

VW BEETLE ‘HERBIE’ – a very special classic car

180,- Euro per tour for up to 4 people

Brenners Lunch Packages and Picnic Baskets

Produced from 1938-2003, this model: 1965
Class: lower medium class
Body type: cabriolet
Symbol of the economic miracle during the post-war years in West Germany
It was until 2002 the world’s bestselling car
The car’s rounded shape which inspired the name Beetle (Käfer)

65 HP
Drum brakes, front and rear
Folding roof
Rear-wheel drive with air-cooled, 4-cylinder boxer engine
Spark-injection engine (modified) with 1.5-litre capacity

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