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„Oskar“, the first member of the Brenners Fleet, is a special edition VW T1 minibus also known as 'Samba' bus. The history of the T1 began in March 1950 at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. The 'chunky' look quickly became one of the key features of the T1 and, still to this day, makes it one of the most recognisable vehicles in the world.

Thanks to its practical interior, it was from its early years a much sought-after vehicle and has over the course of time helped shape the image of many cultural movements.
Having been lovingly restored, 'Oskar' is now sharing his spirit of adventure with us and you are warmly invited to join him in his discovery-oriented lifestyle.

The VW Samba experience - purely nostalgic

Only bookable in combination with a chauffeur
250,- Euro per tour for up to 6 people

Brenners Lunch Packages and Brenners Picnic Baskets

Built from 1950 to 1967
The v-shaped, tapered nose
The large VW emblem
The split windscreen
Driver and passenger doors with sliding windows and toggle stops, and small quarter lights
23 windows and a folding sunroof

Taken to a large extent from the VW Beetle
Rear-wheel drive with air-cooled, 4-cylinder boxer engine
44 hp
Torsion bar suspension system for the rear swing axle and the front double trailing-arm axle
Drum brakes front and rear

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