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ias PREVENT is a two day comprehensive medical examination that will provide you with a detailed understanding of your current state of health. 

An ias PREVENT programme in the relaxed surroundings of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa is an extremely comfortable approach, and ensures you dedicate sufficient time to your personal health.

The dedicated care provided by your personal ias PREVENT doctor creates an invaluable atmosphere of confidence. They will consider your lifestyle; the implications of stress and diet, and will conduct cardiology and nutritional tests amongst others.


Dr. med. Franz van Erckelens
ias Prevent GMbh

Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology
Sports medicine, natural remedies and nutritional medicine

Tel.: +49 (0)7221 9079 0

ias PREVENT check-up

  • "Narrative-based medicine" coupled with the latest medical diagnostic practices
  • Complete internal and cardiological diagnostic techniques including ultrasound
  • Exertion tests including sports-medical performance tests
  • Comprehensive laboratory analysis
  • Creation of individual health concepts

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