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„Many diseases start without signs and symptoms. Prevention offers the security of early detection and risk analysis. In such preliminary states a curative treatment is mostly possible. 



As the optimum the development of the individual condition can be prevented.“


  • Cardiological check-up

  • Ultrasound

  • ECG

  • Spirometry (lung function analysis) at rest

  • Cardiopulmonary exercise resting

  • Oxymetry

  • Biofeedback

Target: Evaluation of cardiopulmonary function

  • Sonography of the abdomen

  • Sonography of thyroid gland

  • Prostate palpation and sonography

Target: Evaluation of health state,  prevention

  • Brain supplying vessels

  • Peripheral arteries

  • Analysis of vascular elasticity

Target: Early detection of vascular disorders

  • Evaluation of vision, retinal analysis

  • Audiometry

  • Intraocular pressure analysis


History, physical exam and counselling to evaluate your health and enable you to integrate the findings                      

  • Analysis of your questionnaire

  • Detailed interview with your physician

  • Detailed internal and cardiological exam 

  • Body composition analysis

  • Detailed summary

  • Detailed final bulletin

Price: 1.600,- € (accommodation not included)

Duration: approx. 1-2 days


  • Blood cell count, differential

  • Cholesterol, glucose, insulin

  • Liver and kidney function

  • Coagulation

  • Tumor markers

  • Hormones

  • Genetic risk analysis (in addition)

Target: Risk factor analysis

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