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Get to know and understand yourself and your body.
An individual, personally-attuned health analysis during your stay facilitates an optimal preventative programme based on the latest scientific discoveries and also allows you time and space to learn about how to be attentive to your own needs.

Besides the diagnostic procedures and treatment, which are specially tailored to you and your requirements, you will be able to take time to relax and regenerate with new vital energy.

Services included

  • Supervision by your personal medical consultant during your stay

  • Comprehensive medical anamnesis and a detailed clinical examination at the beginning of your stay and a final consultation after the treatment

  • Comprehensive laboratory analysis (blood count, organ function blood tests, metabolism, important vital substances, female hormone profile)

  • Testing of your acid status, including buffer options (blood gas analysis)

  • Examination of the carotid artery with ultrasound and duplex sonography (carotids)

  • Examination of the peripheral arteries and veins with ultrasonography and duplex sonography


  • Examination of the cardio-vascular functions using ergometry (rest-ECG and stress-ECG) and echocardiography (duplex sonography of the heart)

  • Examination of the autonomic nervous system, including capacity for oscillation (heart rate variability)

  • Personal assessment and therapy of the muscle and bone apparatus and a personal training plan

  • Individual concluding report with laboratory parameters, treatment recommendations and nutritional advice

  • Body analysis and nutritional consultation

per person 2.950,- € (accommodation not included)

Minimum stay: 5 days

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