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Our health is our most valuable personal asset, which, as well as precise monitoring in each phase of life with respect to our individual needs, also requires specific prophylactic measures.

Avoid possible health risks to your male body through attentiveness and selective diagnostic measures, by means of screening examinations tailored specifically to your requirements.
The programme can be started from Monday to Thursday.

Services included

  • Supervision by your personal medical consultant during your stay

  • Comprehensive medical anamnesis and a detailed clinical examination at the beginning of your stay and a final consultation at the end of the treatment

  • Personal assessment and treatment of your individual health dossier accompanied by a medical treatment plan and a concluding report with laboratory parameters and treatment recommen-dations

  • Checking of the peripheral arteries and veins with ultrasonography and duplex sonography

  • Comprehensive laboratory analysis (blood count, organ function blood tests, metabolism, im-portant vital substances, male sex hormones)

  • Ultrasound examination of the lower abdomen (bladder, prostate, kidneys and testicles)

  • Urinary flow measurement (Uroflow)

  • Examination of the cardio-vascular functions using ergometry (rest-ECG and stress-ECG) and echocardiography (duplex sonography of the heart)

  • Examination of the autonomic nerve system, including current stress levels (everywhere) by testing the heart rate

  • Personal assessment and therapy of the muscle and bone apparatus from a medical standpoint and the drawing up of a personal training plan

  • Individual final report with laboratory parameters and treatment recommendations

per person 3.100,- € (accommodation not included)

Minimum stay: 5 days

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