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Kiyindo Shiatsu is particularly effective on people who suffer from backache, sleeping disorders, digestion issues and stress. The sessions follow the techniques developed by Pierre Clavreux. 

Kiyindo Shiatsu is a revolutionary approach based on pain relief through touch and stimulation of the body’s energies.

Powerfully effective Kiyindo Shiatsu

During the period from 21st December 2016 to 5th January 2017 we are delighted to offer you exclusive appointments with Pierre Clavreux.

He completed his studies at the Akahigedo in Tokyo, a famous school for Eastern medicine, more than twenty years ago and is considered a pioneer in European Shiatsu. Through acupressure Kiyindo Shiatsu improves the flow of energy in the body and can reach stunning results.

Discover Kiyindo in an individual, invigorating session, with Shiatsu Master Pierre Clavreux (price: 250€/ 60 minutes).

Due to limited availability we ask for your reservation prior to your visit. Please send your reservation request to

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